Capital Watch

Global mindset, local perspective

We are a leading investor relations company that has close relationships with top U.S. media outlets. In addition to our many partnerships, our parent company invested in, a financial news website that has a long history and is dedicated to covering Chinese companies publicly traded in the U.S.

We firmly believe that true Public Relations is not just a marketing service, but a sophisticated all-encompassing task that requires more than sending out press releases and calling media contacts. Driven by the commitment to our clients, we make full use of our extensive media relationships and ensure we get the right message to the right stakeholders.

Our core values

With a close relationship with the international news agency Thomson Reuters and many other Wall Street companies, we have experienced specialists and analysts who will talk to Wall Street analysts and fund managers on behalf of our clients. We make sure that investors understand the core value of your company.

We also understand the special needs of Chinese companies when it comes to advertising and branding. We work with our clients' marketing team and assist in carrying out promotions and messaging by tailoring a plan to focus on a specific segment or group to ensure the most cost-effective programs. Not everyone is the U.S. is your potential customer or investor. We work to know who they are, where they are, and how to reach them.