Capital Watch

Expertise makes the difference

Unlike most public relations agencies, we know how to promote companies to the public and communicate to investors efficiently and effectively. We know that if the target audience is wrong, it does not matter the number of websites on which your story appears, or how many clicks you receive in return. The promotion you plan is useless. It isn't enough to produce the appearance of business value; you must create and receive real value for your company.

We are experienced in conducting in-depth research on several key points for Chinese companies that are seeking to go public in the United States. We know that the need of each company and its audience is different. Therefore, public relations agencies that only provide fixed services cannot succeed and will fail both themselves and their clients in the market. That is why we are committed to tailoring our services for companies going through the different stages of success. These stages are key moments - those that will shape and affect the company's stock price.

With more than 30 years of collective experience in the public markets, our keen insights enable us to grasp every business opportunity. Although we are a young public relations agency, we have gained recognition from hundreds of Chinese clients. And while we have offices in China and the U.S., we do not define ourselves as a "global company with many branches and employees." Our clients do not want their money used to pay rent. What they want - and what we deliver - is for Wall Street to get to know them.

As specialists in media and investor services, we deliver a full-scale marketing and multichannel solution to tell your company's story. Our experienced team provides expert counsel by understanding client needs and developing strategies to ensure the highest realization of brand value and effective messaging. Given our unique backgrounds, we intuitively understand how corporate presentation and relationships influence a company's position and valuation.

Here are the three key stages that matter to our clients:

- Preparation for an Initial Public Offering

The need to position a company in the eyes of investors and regulators involves multiple layers. We have a special section for our clients on the website. In this section, we help compile and showcase our customers' basic information, public financial data, and management team to Wall Street analysts. As part of this effort, all subscribed analysts will receive a report prepared by our professional analysts in partnership with our clients. In the report, we include a full description of the position of the company, including its strengths and specialties, as well as a detailed analysis of its business. When appropriate, we seek to include interviews with the company's competitors to provide the fullest possible picture of the company to investors and Wall Street analysts.

- Roadshows and Presentations

While our clients are busy traveling and conducting roadshows to investors, our task is to ensure we communicate the message in real time. It is vital that investors know the true potential and qualities of the company. We will also work to measure the response and receptivity of investors, asking their opinions and gauging their assessments. Answers to the question: "What do you think of this company?" provide a valuable measure of whether our client's business models will be successful in the market.

- Trading Debut

The day our client rings the market bell is the most important day for them - and also for us. Our work does not stop there. We continually ask ourselves, what else can we do beyond reporting the debut? What more information would Wall Street analysts and investors like to know? That is why we never stop helping our clients get their message across. In particular, we highlight the growth forecasts in financial reports to investors. We know the capital markets are not only focused on the brilliant past of our clients, but more importantly, the company's bright future - the path of the company and the strength of its management.

For example, investors want to know if the core team is loyal to the company and will strive to grow with the company, or if they are simply waiting for the lock-up period to pass so they can sell their shares.