Capital Watch

Expertise makes the difference

Delivering your message to achieve the biggest impact requires the right distribution channel. We know what it takes to reach the right audience to communicate your story.

1. and

Together, we have a team of more than 40 journalists capable of ensuring international presentation of our clients. Through news articles, features, and stories about issues pertaining to our client's achievements, we have the ability to create and tell compelling and engaging corporate stories.

2. Paid Search

We analyze, select, and optimize paid search campaigns for relevant financial search terms related to your company's business model and goals. Our digital marketing analysts, SEO strategists and IT specialists are experienced with Google search engine optimization and targeting specific audiences for the most effective messaging.

3. Targeted Push Email

We have prepared list of sources targeting accredited investors include Forbes, The Street, Investor's Business Daily, Wall Street Journal, etc.

4. Social Media

We develop custom audiences for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, targeting campaigns based on various subjects and objectives.

5. Display and Outdoor Advertising

We provide tailor-made marketing services to our client, including targeted digital and print display advertising, and unique outdoor exposure, including New York's Jumbotron sites in Times Square, and around the country's financial districts in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

6. Strategic Publishing Partnerships

We help clients increase engagement and brand lift with unique native advertising formats, using content recommendation, in-stream, in-text and exit bounce widgets.